KENTUCKY HILLS is a small farm located in northern Grant County near Dry Ridge,
    Kentucky.  We raise a CAE free herd (tested negative June 2013) of ADGA registered
    Purebred Nubian dairy goats. We sell most of our kids during our annual kidding season in
    order to maintain our smaller herd size.  Our goal is to produce the finest milkers
    and "show quality" animals by using the finest breeding stock available.

    My passion for Nubian dairy goats initially began in 1983. I began raising dairy goats so I
    could provide my family with fresh goat's milk. Besides milk, they made excellent pets and
    my three boys all loved playing with them.  My boys are all grown now with families of their
    own. So that leaves me time to focus on my Nubian kids. I rejoined the American Dairy
    Goat Association in 2003.

    I prefer the Nubian breed due to their beauty, personality and higher butterfat content in
    their milk. Nubians can display an array of colors and the long pendulous ears with their
    Roman noses make them distinct.  Each Nubian's personality is very unique. Besides
    being very talkative, they are smart and can keep things pretty interesting on the farm.
    There's no doubt why we fell in love with the Nubian breed.  Many others have fallen in
    love with them too; making Nubians the most popular breed in the United States.

    Although I do not show my goats, I attend as many shows as possible.  The first National
    Show that I attended was in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I was so surprised that we were allowed
    to walk around before the shows to look at all the beautiful animals.  This is when I started
    talking to all the breeders from the top herds.  I was not only impressed with the quality of
    animals but those udders!!!  I continue my journey in getting the best show and milk lines
    for my breeding stock here.  My lines include Wingwood, Kastdemurs and Saada.  

    Our farm is registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) under the herd
    name N. KY WindyAcres. We are situated 35 miles south of Cincinnati, Ohio and 60 miles
    north of Lexington, Kentucky. Please take the time to look around our site to learn more
    about Northern Kentucky WindyAcres and Nubian dairy goats.  If you have any questions
    or comments, please use the Contact Us page.  

    Thank you,
    Marlene Wright
Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats
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Last updated  5/24/2015
Wingwood Farm Amazing Adonis
(Maz)    (August 2012)
2014  Grand Champion Nubian
Formerly N. KY WindyAcres,  
same farm, same owner and
same wonderful animals just
a different name:
Kentucky Hills
Mineva/Maz quads (2 does and 2 bucks) first
kids of 2015 kidding season. (March 21, 2015)